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September 19, 2013, 11:12 AM

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Boat Potatoes

"So Peter got out of the boat, started walking on the water, and came toward Jesus" (Matthew 14:29).

Anytime you receive a gift you must choose to respond in one of two ways.  You may say, "This gift is so valuable it can't be risked."  If you do,the gift may never be used; or if taken out of the box, there may be risks.  the secondond way says, "this gift is so valuable it must be risked."  If you follow this way of thinking, you understand that if the gift is not bnrought out of the box, it will never be used at all.

You and I have been given a gift which may or may not have been opened.  The question is:  Is your life following the first way or the second mentioned above? Most folks would agree that Peter chose the second way.  Theologian and author Dale Bruner writes, "It is important to see that Peter did not ask jesus for a promise (Lord, promise me I won't sink) but specifically for a command:  "Lord, if it is you, command me."  Peter didn't ask for a guarantee, just an opportunity.  You could say that the disciples who stayed in the boat favored safety over growth!

Max DePree writes that unrealized potential is a sin...a very serious sin.  Some Folks lives end up being a tragedy of the unopened gift,this is why one of the great temptations most of us face that could block us from getting out of the boat is comfort.  Comfort will often keep us from growth.

Sixty years ago, we began to orient our lives around one of the great growth avoidance inventions of all time, the television.  You didn't have to think, focus your attention or follow any chain of thought when you watched "The Lone Ranger" or "Leave it to Beaver".  But you did have to get out of your chair and slam the side of the television if it got fuzzy lines, or if you wanted to change the channel.  That was exhausting, so someone invented the remote control.  Now I can change the channels from my LaZBoy, as God intended.

When a teacher wants student to grow, they do not give them answers - they give them problems: (If a train leaves Oklahoma City at 3:00 going 50 mph.......).  It iis only in the process of accepting and solving problems that our ability to think creatively is enhanced, our persistence is strengthened and our self-confidence is deepened!  If someone gives me all the answers to a test, I may get a good grade, but I will not have grown.  Just as our bodies simply will not grow stronger without being challenged to the point of exertion, so it is with our mind and spirit.  Comfort is not an adequate excuse for an unopened gift.

You and I have been given a gift, your spiritual gift. Is it opened?  Is it being used?  Is it producing a positive effect on ;your loved ones..your community?

September 8, 2013








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