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July 29, 2013, 3:52 PM

Words from Rick

 “I Believe”
 The Blue Collar Comedy
 foursome of Jeff Foxworthy,
 Ron White, Larry the Cable
 Guy and Bill Envall brought
 many laughs as they toured
 around this country! There is
 much comedy in each of
 them that I have enjoyed!
 But, Bill has in his routine
 something that I like that
 begins with: “I BELIEVE.” Not to try to be
 humorous, but here are a couple of things I
 First, I believe in personal responsibility. I
 think it is important even though many people
 try to blame someone or something else for what
 happens to them. God created human beings with
 moral responsibility and increased that respon -
 sibility through the example and redemption pro -
 vided in Jesus Christ. I must live as one born
 anew by the love and power of God. In that love
 and power, I live day by day. It is mine to live life
 fully and to enjoy it by the grace and love and
 power of God.
 My life on this earth has spanned 60+ years
 (big deal!). I have seen many changes. I have
 known an unchangeable God (now that  is  a big
 deal!). Jesus Christ has greatly enriched my life
 for service to many people. They, in turn, have
 enriched mine. I rejoice that my life has fallen in
 pleasant places!
 Second, I believe in prayer, not so much as a
 way of praying for things we would like for our -
 selves or others, but as a way of living in Christ
 so that we become usable to accomplish His pur -
 poses. We should pray for forgiveness we so des -
 perately need (Prayers of Confession), and we
 should listen for and receive the cleansing of
 Christ by His Spirit.
 We should pray for our own needs and those of
 our loved ones, for the church and its mission, for
 those who serve in and through the church, for
 those in authority throughout our country, and
 for justice and peace in our world. Just a personal
 note... I have written prayers for worship that
 have been longer than some of the sermons I
 have written. But, I’m afraid of praying them in
 worship for, I’m confident, I would hear some
 I have not yet finished my course, but I hope to
 keep the faith that has held me during all these
 years. I trust God to purpose and to accomplish
 that purpose in time and eternity. What more
 could anyone ask for than a life which has been
 so full and so much fun? 07.28.2013
 Dr. Rick Baggett is pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Ardmore
 (the church with the bells) and can be reached at:

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