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August 10, 2016, 2:00 PM

Silence is Goldon

Silence is Golden


   Do you remember Mr. Rogers of “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood?” He talked a lot about the need for silence and patience. He would begin each show by slowly taking off his jacket and putting on a cardigan sweater and changing his shoes from dress shoes to blue sneakers. Often he would say, “I wonder if you don’t have somebody in your life that just the very thought of that person makes you feel better!”

   The last time Mr. Rogers was at the White House he was struck by all the noise and the busyness.  When he gave a short talk in the East Room he began that talk with these words: “Could we please have just a half minute of silence to think about somebody who has helped you become who you are, just a half minute?” And that whole East Room sat silently for a half minute, thinking about people they may not have thought about for a long time, people that had made a big difference in their lives.

   When that meeting was over, one of the guards came up to Mr. Rogers and motioned with his hand that he wanted to say something sort of private. And he said, “Mr. Rogers, I want you know who I thought about during that half minute you gave us. I thought about my grandfather’s brother. Just before he died, he took me to his basement and gave me his fishing rod. I hadn’t thought of that for a long, long time.” He went on to say that his grandfather’s brother had a great impact on him because now he enjoys teaching children about fishing.

   It took a quiet moment  to bring the legacy to mind.

   My wife is re-reading a book entitled: The Power of Concentration. It is full of great advice and in one of the chapters you are asked to try this experiment: sit quietly for ten minutes and concentrate on only one thing. It is not easy to do, but block (as much as you can) all the thoughts going through your head and try to concentrate on only one thing for ten minutes. If you try this, you just might remember that one person in your past who has helped you to be the person you are today! 08.07.2016

Dr. Rick Baggett is pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Ardmore (the church with the bells) and can be reached at: 

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