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May 14, 2014, 9:00 AM

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Mother’s Day


   It is a special day when we honor all the moms who give so much of their selves to their children and to their families!  It is also a day when we remember all those moms who have finished this life and have gone on to the life eternal, whose impact for good is still being felt within our lives today! I hope for all the mothers who are reading this article, that your meals are fixed for you today, or you are taken out … that car doors are opened for you today, and that dish soap escapes your hands. Most importantly, I hope for you that through your family, they show you how much you mean to them and how much they love you!

   A pediatrician has written a book entitled: Through the Motherhood Maze. It struck a responsive cord in me as I watch what mothers do. Moms getting children to school (so do dads) on time and getting themselves to work on time … then to soccer or little league baseball and maybe piano lessons. I’ve seen moms washing dirty faces and you remember, you don’t really want to remember, but you remember how they would lick their thumbs or fingers and wash your face with their lipstick and spit as if that lipstick had some kind of healing and cleansing agents.

   When our two were little, I saw my wife wash diapers (Do you remember doing that, washing real diapers?). And then looking everywhere for the pacifier that was always lost when you needed it the most!  I remember what Erma Bombeck said about motherhood. She said, “I was one of the lucky women who came to motherhood with some experience. I owned a Yorkshire Terrier dog for 3 years. At ten months my children could stay and heal; at a year they could catch a freesbee in their teeth … in mid-air. At fifteen months, I had them paper trained.

   To be a mother today requires not only a sense of humor, but it requires the stamina of the Arbuckle Mountains and the patience of Job. The influence of the parents far outweigh every- thing else! As I have said from the pulpit many times … “The home is where the heart makes up its mind.”

   One day Jesus was delivering the Sermon on the Mount and toward the end He said: “In everything do to others as you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12). May I suggest that what Jesus was saying is the very thing that comes so naturally for many mothers:

  • If affection is what you want, then give it.
  • If a comforting word is what you want, then give it.
  • If time is what you want, then give it.
  • If a warm embrace is what you want then give it.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Dr. Rick Baggett is pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Ardmore (the church with the bells) and can be reached at:

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